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Get a ready made multi-coins faucet game script.

Attention! Right now WE DONT SALE the script on any eCommerce platform (rocketr.net,codecanyon.net,codester.com etc) .
If you find the script posted somewhere for sure you will get scammed / pay for nothing / get a virus / backdoor.
Contact us directly on email (posted at the bottom of the page) if you want to buy it.
Thank you!
Core Version V2.0 129$
  • Build with Codeigniter framework
  • Users Login/Register/Pass recover
  • User login logs

  • Lottery (hourly/daily)
  • Daily bonus (user get a bonus for each consecutive day he claim + every 7 days get a bigger bonus)
  • Tokens system
  • Withdraws in bitcoin in most altcoins
  • Withdraws to Faucethub.io, expresscrypto.io, coinpayments.net
  • Min amount for withdraws
  • Max amount for withdraws
  • Daily limit withdraws
  • Instant withdraws or withdraws go to pending and admin sent it manual
  • You can add all coins from Faucethub.io,expresscrypto.io,coinpayments.net (no need to wait for script update)

  • Faucet (+ forced shortlink visit if selected)
  • You can add unique and all view shortlinks + views for every link + priority.
  • Webminer(webminepool.com)
  • Users levels
  • Advanced referral system
  • Custom referral commission ( you can set % for some users. eg in partnerships with other sites owners or social media influencers )
  • Users can set a source s= tag to track better the signups
  • Referral stats: earnings per day/week/month/total
  • Referral stats: earnings per source
  • Country multiplier for faucet claims

  • Captcha or Multiple captcha on faucet claim (user can choose any)
  • Calm down after X captcha fails for x minutes.
  • Auto lock user after X captcha fails.
  • 2nd captcha on faucet after X claims
  • Auto lock user after X 2nd captcha fails.
  • Fails amounts and timers can be set in admin area.
  • IPhub.info check (cached , so you dont need to buy a premium key)
  • Proxycheck.io check (cached)
  • Autolock user detected with multiple accounts on faucethub
  • User cant add wallets from more Faucethub.io accounts
  • User cant make multiple accounts with wallets linked to same faucethub.io account
Next Updates Planned for Core Version
  • Telegram bot (for admin : get hourly/dayle updates / notifications on mobile , when someone request a payment for example// for user: when withdraw is processed )
  • Top faucets list (faucethub api / cached ) (earn referral commisions from other sites)
  • New Templates
  • ChatBro chat + bot (bot used to post in chat when lottery start/big games winnings or admin notifications)
  • 15.000 ptc views(in our network - 100% targeted crypto users) to boost your site start
  • Multiple Bootstrap 4 themes
  • AdminLTE free integrated in admin dashboard
  • User profile
  • Info : signup/last active, number of claims/shortlinks , captcha fails per day/week/month,total
  • Game stats
  • User lock/unlock (+reason)
  • User ban/unban (+reason)
  • Country/ips change log
  • Faucet/shortlinks logs
  • Banned/Locked users logs
  • Search user
  • Chatbro bot to send chat notifications
  • Withdraws - Approve,pay,send back,reject
  • Withdraws to Faucethub.io, expresscrypto.io, coinpayments.net
  • Option to select the coins available for every payment gateway
  • Add shortlinks for faucet visits
  • Shortlinks stats
  • More features will be added if are requested from more users on next updates.

  • Get 10% if you referr a friend to buy the Core version
  • Get 5% for every addon

Add-ons available
  • Dice Game - 35$ POPULAR!
  • Shortlink PTC - 59$ POPULAR!
  • Coinflip game- 25$
  • Offerwall (including admin backend) - 89$ 119$
Next Addons Planned
  • Faucets Directory (list/catalog) - ??$ (soon)
  • GiftBox - (create promo codes and share on internet ) 15$ (soon)
  • Roulette game- 25$ (soon)
  • Plinko game- 29$ (soon)
  • To The Moon Game - 29$ (soon) // a simple version of the game from bitkong.com

  • You will get every update of the Core version (or Addon) for as long this project is alive .
  • The script is not encoded like other faucet scripts, so you can update the backend .
  • You get 2 months support after every update. (support, NOT CUSTOM CHANGES on script!)
  • You are not allowed to sell the script or share the script with nobody.
  • Get 10% if you referr a friend to buy the Core version
  • Get 5% for every addon
  • @ Send a email to cryptostartpoint // gmail // com
    Please complete this survey regarding next updates.
    Right now, we work on update . You can get the new version after 1 May 2019 but not later than 1 June at the price of 129$ or pre-order now at old price 89$